Daddy Altarboy Chapter 2 Ass Fetish

Daddy Altarboy Chapter 2 Ass Fetish play

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I waited up until twelve thirty in case Maria phoned and then when she didn’t went to bed, I decided to sleep in our spare bedroom because we have a king size bed, and thought with any luck Maria would bring at least two guy's back therefore she would want plenty of room on the bed

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. I said i would have to think about it, I might insist she went out, she said she would leave it up to me to decide. She said she had chosen three guy's as her ‘punishment’ for not obeying me, as I had told her to, she knew I would enjoy seeing her being fucked by them, and from now on she would do the same, whenever she could ,I asked her if she still intended to, she said after last night definitely, she said that she enjoyed groups to individuals , she asked if I preferred her bringing groups or individuals home, I said groups of course, Maria said I was right again she did need to fuck at least two guy's, it wasn’t a quick fuck and then goodbye, what she liked was the way the guy's tried to surpass each other NaughtyAmerica Affair DirtyRottenWhore. . Part 2 As the three walked down the hall he noticed that both of there skirts were wet in the front

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Altarboy Chapter 2

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