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PORN: Her pussy, while not real hairy, had large pronounced lips that were plainly visible even from across the room cock sucking She was about forty five years old and just slightly overweight, but this didn't bother Mark in the least, because, Miss Logan had a huge set of tits that hung down low on her chest. Miss Pickford pulled up her dress and dropped her panties just like normal, but then she left the toilet seat lid down and sat down with her legs spread wide apart! Mark wondered what was going on, until he saw a tell tale white string caught in the mass of blond pubic hair! She was going to change her tampon! Right before his eyes, the pretty young teacher pulled out a bloody red used tampon and calmly inserted a fresh one! Mark's dick was like stone as he watched her perform this very private feminine procedure! He spurted all over the tile floor and had to take an extra few seconds to clean it up before making his get away! From then on, when ever he saw Miss Pickford he got a hard on just thinking of her changing tampons!!! Probably the guttiest thing he ever did though, was in the girl's locker room

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